Bertille de Baudiniere
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Paintcan Studios - Studio# 303
10-10 44th Avenue

Phone: 917 756 8242



Artist Bio:
Born in Saint Malo in 1955
Lives and works in Paris and Long Island City, NY
1990 Master of Fine Arts, Geijutsu Daigaku (National University of Music and Fine Arts), Tokyo 1982 Diploma, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, High Honors
2017 Green Earth, Abbaye du Tronchet, France
2015 Green Earth, Quincampoix Gallery, Paris
2015 Green Earth, Tomura Gallery, Tokyo
2014 Green Earth, Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris
2012 Green Earth, Resobox Gallery, Long Island City, NY 2009 New York Light, Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris
2008 America, La Manche Libre, Cherbourg
2007 Painting by Letters, Museum Zu??ndorfer Wehrturm, Cologne
2006 Blue Earth, Tomura Gallery, Tokyo
2006 Blue Earth, retrospective 1984-2006, Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris 2005 Painting by Letters, La Manche Libre, Cherbourg
2004 Gaia, Schulgasse Gallery, Wurzburg
2003 Cork and Paint, Galerie Artolant, Paris
2001 Numbers and Pixels, Vis@Vis Cafe, Paris
1999 Painting by Numbers, Orly Airport, Paris
1996 Ecrans-Lumiere, Orly Airport, Paris
1996 Ecrans-Lumiere, Schulgasse Gallery, Wurzburg
1995 Ecrans-Lumiere, MJC-Theatre de Colombes, Colombes
1992 Hommage Artaud, Forum Gallery, Landau, DE
1991 Green Earth, Zodiac Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska
1989 Green Earth, Tamura Gallery, Tokyo
2017 Salon d'Automne, Paris
2016 Plaxal Gallery, Long Island City, NY
2015 Atlantic Gallery, NY
2015 Tokyo Art Fair, gallery Tomura, gallery Bruno Massa, Tokyo
2013 Art and Enology, Art in Flux in Harlem, New York, NY
2012 Salon d'Automne en Chine, Bayuquan Theatre, Dalian / Haikou National Museum, Hainan ??? 2011 In the Place We Live, Henry de Ford III Gallery, Long Island City, NY
2010 All in the Family, Islip Art Museum, Islip, NY
2008 Voiles, Piscine Municipale de la Butte aux Cailles, Paris
2005 Evenement Co-resonance, Centre Culturel de Serbie et Montenegro, Paris
2005 Invasion des couleurs, Avenue de France, Paris
2001-2005 Galerie Enviedart, Paris
2002 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha
2000 Salon d'Automne, Paris
1999 Salon Grands et jeunes d'aujourd'hui, Paris
1999 Painting by Numbers, Galerie Transversale, Paris

1997 Printemps Francais, Galerie Arte Noah, Wurzburg
1995 L'Artiste et la Transformation du Monde, Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris 1993 Postcard, Zodiac Gallery, Omaha
1991 International Fine Arts Fair - Navy Pier, Lydon Fine Arts Gallery, Chicago
1992 Lydon Fine Arts Gallery, Chicago
1990 Alternative Worksite, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha
2014 Green Earth, Les Editions lelivredart, Paris, essay by Bernard Point
2012 Japanese influenced painting,
2012 Security and Blue Earth, illustrations for Michael Klare, "When the Pentagon Sets Course for the Pacific", Le Monde Diplomatique - n696, March 2012, Paris
2000-2009 La Galerie d'Art, Editions UNESCO, Paris
2006 Blue Earth, retrospective catalogue, essay by Elisabeth Lievre-Crosson
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2001 Violence, cover illustration for Ignacio Ramonet, "The Adversary", Le Monde Diplomatique - n571, October 2001, Paris
1989 Water and Oil, master's thesis, Geijutsu Daigaku, Tokyo
2015 Time Out Paris: "Bertille de Baudiniee, Green Earth" 2013 "Green Earth", Bernard Point
2012 "Green Earth: Nous Trois", Dion Pincus
2012 Lawrence Broer, Tampa, Florida
2008 America, Leonard Lievre, La Manche Libre, Cherbourg
2007 Spam from Earth, Kolner Runudschau, Cologne
2007 E-Mail Spam: from concrete to abstract, Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger, Cologne 2005 Painting by Letters, Leonard Lievre, La Manche Libre, Cherbourg
1997 Les voyages de Bertille de Baudiniere, F. Altmann, Nice Matin, Nice
1991 Postcard, Kyle Macmillan, Omaha World Herald, Omaha
1989 The Work of Bertille de Baudiniere, Nobuo Yamagashi, Tokyo
City University of New York, Queensborough Community College Art Gallery, NY ??? Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris
Fonds d'art contemporain, Confederation Generale du Travail, Paris
Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha
Museum of the City of Landau, Germany
1997-now Founder and director, art school, "Les Artistes du Futur", Paris
2012 Curator, Green Queens: Kids Art Contest, Long Island City Arts Open
2011 Baudiniere, lecture, Reis Studios, Long Island City, NY
2001- 2002 Head reflexion, Tain, A la recherche du nain perdu de jardin, performances, Collectif

Artist Statement:
My art work can appear inconsistent, unstable, liable to change direction without warning. I am not especially concerned with questions of abstraction, representation or stylistic matters in general. What most attracts me and finds its way into my work are opposites, differences, conflict, and mobility -- the conditions that signify life as it is lived now, in our times. My means of addressing these issues are the simplest ones: light and dark, water and oil, color and black. During 5 years of research in a studio of Occidental techniques in Tokyo, I modified my medium, mixing Western and Far Eastern techniques. Through asymmetry and irregularity, an important aspect of the Japanese esthetic (Fukinsei, the denial of perfection, an essential and inherent aspect of existence) I look for broken symmetry. In making my work, I seek to put a "pause" on life, to re-examine it and rework it with the material tools available to me: natural pigment and casein, acrylic paint, color filters, wood, piano cord, as well as my video camera, memory wire and earphones. That this is an impossible task is self-evident, but the effort must be made. In this way, through my work, I am seeking to prepare myself for the inevitability of my eventual -- our eventual -- "not being". Pause, resume, end, reset.Some people say that my work is contemplative. I would rather think that I am observing reality, and keeping myself aware of our space-time. Catching the light from a window or freezing some junk mail on my canvas allows me to materialize that time in my own space.

I have a limited time to spend on this Earth in opposition to the infinity of the cosmos. My philosophical interest in Buddhism reflects an American philosophy that stresses with Buddhism a naturalistic pragmatic culture. A vital relation with human life, in its content as well as its emptiness, permanent change, impermanence and interpenetration inside the Circle, the magic of life, death and eternity. The interrelation of material facts and the interrelation of the Universe. I have discovered in Japan the "sabi" and understanding of existentialism, this spiritual power to transform the abstract to concrete, shown in the writing method of the "ideogram".

The universality of the technology allowed in the domain of the arts transcends the distinctions of tradition and nationalism and allows one to see the real significance of art. The main problem is how to present the dignity of the human being without the nationalistic distinctions we are facing. When conflict arises between nations, artistic expressions assert solidarity. These exchanges from one side to another bring about new knowledge. That is why I have always travelled and studied in both the East and the West: in Europe, the United States and Japan in particular.

All images and text copyright Bertille de Baudiniere