Nicole Duval
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 306
43-01 22nd Street



Artist Bio:
Nicole Duval has lived on 4 continents. She moved to New York City in 1997 and began painting at the Art Students League, studying under Marybeth McKenzie, Harvey Dinnerstein and Sharon Sprung. In 2017, Nicole received her MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art.
Her work has been shown in multiple group shows including Sotheby's Take Home a Nude, Single Fare 4 and Future Stories at the International Barclay's Hotel in New York City.

Artist Statement:
Tension is a quality I am exploring in my work. I am intrigued by subjects that appear alluring but also insinuate the opposite. My daily painting has become intertwined with a weekly practice of challah baking that derives from family traditions. As a baker of bread as well as a painter, I am captivated by the materiality of dough and of paint. I am currently exploring dough as a type of skin. Dough breathes and grows. It is full of life and vitality but it can also dry out and die. It offers endless possibilities for representation. I seek to find a moment of ambiguity and tension in each representation.

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