Arianna Santoriello
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
422 85th Street Brooklyn NY 11209 - Studio# 2


Artist Bio:
Brooklyn based artist Arianna Santoriello is a painter and fiber artist with an affinity for saturated colors and repetitive patterns. Creating patterns full of repetitive shapes is a meditation for Arianna and a common theme within all her work. She uses the digits in phone numbers and other collected personal data to dictate certain aspects of her placement of shapes and colors in each painting. By doing this she relinquishes some control in her process to open up space for mystery to arrive. In her most recent work, Warmth Within, the shape of each radiating ray defines what bed she slept in each night from February 14th to March 19th 2017. The colors express the need that many of us have in the winter to find the warmth within us and within our homes and let it radiate outwards before the dark and cold creeps in too deeply.

All images and text copyright Arianna Santoriello