Edward A. Butler
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
540 51st Avenue, LIC, NY 11101 - Studio# NA

Phone: 917-607-6961

Email: ebutler582@aol.com

Website:: www.edwardabutler.com

Artist Bio:
From the age of six, Philadelphia-born artist Edward A. Butler has been compelled to paint. The youngest student ever admitted to the prestigious Samuel Fleisher Art Memorial School, he began his formal art education at eight. He went on to graduate with a BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art before moving to New York City where he has been painting ever since.

Mr. Butler's work was first viewed at the New York Academy of Arts "Take Home A Nude" show where he was invited to exhibit for three consecutive years. His work has been shown at The National Art Club in NYC, and is currently on display at the Gallerie Sono in Norwalk, CT, The Vault Gallery in Cambria, CA, and Studio 25N in New York.

Today Mr. Butler and his wife live in a 115-year old brick row house in Long Island City, NY which he restored himself. A classically trained pianist, he is an experienced aerobatic pilot and enjoys restoring classic motorcycles.

Artist Statement:
For as long as I can remember, I have been making pictures from images I see in my mind. The pictures have always been there, yet I have never been able to conceive of a fitting artistic statement. I find that words often used to describe the artistic process are unnatural for me when the enterprise is right there: every line, shape and color. What hangs on the wall is an elaborately illustrated explanation of my artistic philosophy.

When we switch on a light, the light comes on. It's automatic. We don't think about it, yet it always happens exactly how we expect it to. It is the same with me and pictures. They are always there when I want them. Sometimes they even keep me awake at night.

Beginning at a very early age and continuing today, an endless stream of intense images - in a never-ending universe of color and shape, light and shadow, simplicity and beauty - fill my mind.
Although the focus of my work has changed over the years, a true constant has been my attraction to the images that stir my imagination. My work has evolved into distinct portfolios: interior landscapes, animals, and women. In all of them, I use old master techniques with a contemporary point of view.

All images and text copyright Edward A. Butler