Orestes Gonzalez
Medium: Photography

Studio Location:
45 Avenue studio - Studio# gr floor

Email: setseroz@aol.com

Website:: www.orestesgonzalez.com

Artist Bio:
Trained as an architect,I have been photographing all my life. I have exhibited in venues all over the US and abroad. My work is currently in the AP/AI "Los Diez" traveling exhibit through various countries, and will wind up in Photoville Brooklyn in September.
My Photo book, Julio's House, is now in the book collections of The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum, The Perez Museum , and the Univeristy of Miami book archives.

Artist Statement:
My photo work deals with nostalgia, longing,and our desire to leave a mark in this world.
I specialize in Street Photography, Portraiture, Landscape and Urban Photography.

All images and text copyright Orestes Gonzalez