Joel Voisard
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
45-28 11th Street. - Studio# Front


Artist Bio:
Joel Voisard is a Queens-based, 3D artist.

Artist Statement:
Voisard's sculptural work evolves from the discovery of geometry, shape, and balance from existing objects and materials. Born in the Rust Belt, he experienced firsthand the environmental and economic decay of the post-manufacturing era. The reality of abandoned ideas and products informs his work and serves as a vehicle for the exploration of purpose, history, and economy. Using primarily found and discarded selections of wood and metals, his new forms challenge and reference past, present, and future tense realities. By reshaping existing forms through a variety of processes, the resulting outcomes range from simple to involved while building a dialogue with the viewer.

The idea is secondary to the process. The reaction to objects and materials dictates.

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