Preston Trombly
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Diego Salazar Art Studios - Studio# 106-B
43-32 22nd Street



Artist Bio:

Artist Statement:
My art reflects my responses to the visual stimulation of contemporary life and to the actual materials with which I work.

When I was working in a more realistic way, I tried to 'paint what I was seeing'. As I made the shift from representational to abstract work, I began more to literally 'see what I was painting'. Then I use what I initially put on the canvas as the impetus to paint and/or draw more, to develop a painting until it is 'finished'. And when is a painting finished? To me, a piece is 'finished' when the addition of one more element will 'mess it up' and the subtraction of one element will leave it 'unfinished'.

In my recent paintings, I combine elements of drawing and painting. Each piece maintains the essential fluidity of drawing (with various materials), while utilizing the mass and volume available in painting (with both brush and palette knife). I try to capture on canvas or paper the fleeting temporal moments of the energy of life and the art-making experience itself.

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