Peter Rosenthal
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 334
43-01 22nd Street



Artist Bio:
I studied art at California State University, Hayward in the Bay Area. I've lived in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and in Los Angeles. I've spent the most recent twenty or so years here in New York, a lot of that in Long Island City.

Artist Statement:
My art examines the psychological isolation of the individual in an increasingly technological world; our seemingly unlimited and ever-increasing ability to act. react, and interact on a global basis from our contemporary citadels while unable to escape the consequences of our communal actions and fundamental, indeed elemental, ties to our very makeup and environment.

Never so connected.

Never so alone.

My current work stems from my need for a new jumping-off point. Years ago, some of my early work was based on abstract figurative groupings of three. Over time, I played with groupings of one or two... up to five, culminating with my series ON DEMENTIA: ELE-MENTAL CHANGES, ten large canvases based on my personal experiences, which focused on the all too real feelings of those afflicted with this disease.

Taking a deep breath and looking to shift gears, I have returned to my "root" of three... only to find that I like these pieces best when displayed as a grid. And that, folks, is where I am at.

All images and text copyright Peter Rosenthal