Ellen Stedfeld
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 352
43-01 22nd Street

Email: ellen.sted@gmail.com

Website:: www.EllesaurArts.com

Artist Bio:
Ellen Stedfeld is an illustrator who combines bold and delightful images with live experiences. Among her many influences are fine art, children's books, animation and cartooning. While refining complex concepts for fantastical novels, she uses elements of these stories to make interactive gallery displays along with mini-books and prints. Tackling many projects keeps her versatile in style/media, but with common threads of skilled drawing and visual narrative. Increasingly her work relies on events, be it lettering fliers, creating art workshops for kids, or sketching performers at music and theater shows. She often exhibits at comic conventions, and wanders the floor with her holster of brush markers -- ready to draw at a moment's notice.

"Ellen Stedfeld is a nonsense artist pizza. Also fish to that word. And cheerios and apple and strawberry." - Dino, Age 4

All images and text copyright Ellen Stedfeld