Lisa DiClerico
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
43-01 21st St - Studio# 305
43-01 21st St additional entrance 43-02 22nd St



Artist Bio:
Lisa DiClerico is a mixed media artist living and working in Queens, NY. She received a BFA in Restoration from FIT and continued post-baccalaureate studies in art history and restoration in Florence, Italy.

Artist Statement:
Collected through years of work as a furniture conservator, a mental library of surfaces and restoration concepts permeate my artwork. Combined with deep interests in industrial landscapes and words, my painting explores history, labor, construction, decay and resurrection. My current work examines weathered billboards and lacerated NYC subway posters as living documents of ever-changing environment, society, and self. I acknowledge the beautiful, accidental compositions existing in the framework of these structures and the extraordinary decollage created by environmental factors and human interference. History reveals itself through layers of ad media remnants, adhesive, and blank space as affected by age, weather and people. Graffiti commentary, both legible and hidden, lends messages- at times cryptic, political, poetic, or personal- intended to trigger poignant memories and critical thinking.

All images and text copyright Lisa DiClerico