Karen Kettering Dimit
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
LIC Art Center - Studio# 316
44-02 23rd Street

Email: kkdimit@icloud.com

Website:: www.kkdimit.com

Artist Bio:
Karen Kettering Dimit, Co-Founder of the LIC Arts Open, is a self-taught artist, but steeped in art history, classical techniques and contemporary conceptual art through extensive travel, voracious art exposure and occasional workshops. Ms. Dimit has won many awards, and shown extensively throughout the U.S. Most recently, she was juried into the 2018 Mosaic Arts International, winning the Contemporary Innovation Award. Other recent events: invited to show in the 10th Anniversary Celebration of The Gallery at Penn College, juried into the 2016 Mosaic arts International, at the Women's History Museum of California, Museum of Glass in Tacoma WA, Gold Coast Arts Center, Philadelphia's Magic Garden Gallery, the Painted Bride, the Gallery at Penn College of Technology in Williamsport, the Museum of Man in San Diego, and multiple shows in NYC and Boston. Ms. Dimit maintains a studio in Long Island City, NY. She is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA).

Artist Statement:
My artworks deal with multiple dualities inherent in the human condition that are triggered by current events. Historical references are contrasted with modern elements to express a collective sense of what we have become. I utilize materials that have relevance beyond the material's basic decorative function, striving to find the confluence of narrative, process and material.

For the last 10 years, I have focused my art practice on gender bias issues. Yin and yang, the balanced concept of female and male duality, seems to be dramatically out of balance due to the subjugation of the feminine to the masculine in our global society. Systemic entitlement propagates gender bias and inequality, promoting arrested development for all. Juxtaposing disparate mosaic techniques and materials, the unique language of mosaics is used to tell and deepen the narrative.

All images and text copyright Karen Kettering Dimit