Carin Dangot
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Artist Studios at 43-01 22nd Street - Studio# 301
43-01 22nd Street



Artist Bio:
Carin Kulb Dangot was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has been living and working in New York City since 2010. Dangot is a visual artist, who works in large-scale mixed media paintings, sculpture, drawings and prints. She explores the energy, color and texture she experiences in the world around her. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions internationally, including, MUBE, the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture; the Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York City; Soho 20, New York City; and the Augusta Savage Gallery, Amherst, MA.

Dangot studied and received her masters degree in engineering in the early years of her career in Brazil. She then turned to fine arts at the Panamericana School of Arts and Design, and continued her education in New York with Peter Hristoff at The School of Visual Arts, and Grace Knowlton, Bruce Dorfman, Mariano Del Rosario, and Ronnie Landfield at the Art Student's League. She is the proud recipient of The Lloyd Sherwood Grant for Outstanding Work in Non-Objective Art and the Leonard Rosenfeld Merit Scholarship from the Art Student's League. Among the many whom Dangot credits as influences throughout her creative process are: abstract expressionists, Willem de Kooning and Louise Bourgeois, architect Oscar Niemeyer, painter Candido Portinari, and singer Elis Regina.

Artist Statement:
I am a Brazilian Mixed Media abstract artist living in New York since 2010. Interested in the exploration of vulnerability and emotion, my process is present and responsive as I work through each piece in search of the human presence in a non-representational format. The fluidity of paint as a medium and my own personal kinetic energy enables me a more intuitive and dynamic creative process. A painting is completed when there is a relationship between movement, shape and color and I feel connected to both process and product.

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