Ellen Alt
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
10-10 44th Avenue - Studio# 414-415

Email: ealt202@gmail.com

Website:: http://www.ellenalt.com/

Artist Bio:
Ellen Alt is a mixed media artist living in New York City. She has had successful exhibitions in many countries including the U.S, Germany, Russia, China, England and the Middle East. One of her pieces was presented to Hillary Clinton on the occasion of the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan and is in the collection of the White House. Her current work is about our melting planetary ice. The contradictory feeling of being swept away by beauty while watching devastation is the compelling motivation for this series. Ms. Alt also organizes community sculpture and mural projects throughout the world.

Artist Statement:
Polar ice is cold, colorful, stunning and weakening. When I saw the documentary "Chasing Ice" by James Balog, I was riveted by the contradiction: how could the unfolding beauty of melting ice be such a dire warning of imminent planetary peril. I joined the growing movement of Climate Change artists and scientists.
The Ice Melting series explores the changing forms of ice to foster awareness through the splendor of nature. The Ice Writing series is about what will be revealed as ice thaws. Messages appear in many linguistic symbols of human culture. These messages show us our history, how we got to where we are and directions of how to proceed to talk to each other regardless of linguistic. political and physical barriers. My current series is about the shifting balance between water and ice.
All work is mixed media. Materials include ink, acrylic, oil paint, spray paint, epoxy resin, wax, glass, sand, plastic, glitter, salt, sugar, rocks, clay and found objects. Supports include paper, wood, panels and metal. Sizes range from 11" x 14" - 36" x 72".

All images and text copyright Ellen Alt