James Hsieh
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
207 E 29th St - Studio# Apt #3

Phone: 3476013028

Email: jamesjay2650@gmail.com

Website:: jameshsieh.com

Artist Bio:
James Hsieh was born in Memphis, Tennessee in the United States 1990. But then his parents took him back to Taiwan when he was only one year old. Having grown up in both countryside and his grandparent's vast garden, his curiosity and wonder grew tremendously while exploring the nature. Throughout his life, James has always been fascinated by how big the world it is and believed there are infinite unknown awaited to be discovered. He began to imagine the world that he hasn't seen then drew it on the paper. Naturally, he was down to drawing.
The interest was cultivated during his teenage years and further developed when he opted to take his Bachelor Degree in Art and Design. James imagination has gone wilder when he had his first experience with seeing a UFO during camping with friends in Hualien the east coast of Taiwan. This phenomenon has great influences on his dreams. Bizarre creatures and alien monsters came to visit his dreams and opened up a gate toward another dimension. After completing college, James decided to step out his confer zone and further developing his works. He went to Parsons Fine Arts to peruse his Master Degree and move to the center of Arts, New York.
After finishing his master degree, James delved even more into his own practice and developed his work from two-dimension into three-dimension and large-scale installation. The images were transforming into sculptures, and the sculptures were evolving into environment. Thus, his practice has become more visceral and compelling than before. James often plays with the scale of his works to activate viewers' different perspective. He wants to bring his dream world and wild imagination into the reality and let others to see the world he has seen. Thus, he transformed soft felt and fabric into solid sculptures to create an immersive environment and strived to re-activate the viewer's childhood memories and childlike wonderment by investigating through their body in a sensorial way. Taking the risk of sharing his personal and vulnerable part, James wants to communicate with his viewers in his work and exchange for their trust in order to bring them into his wonderland.

Artist Statement:
My practice is a way of both exploring and connecting myself to my surroundings. My sculptures are a way for me to understand the world, whether it is real life, a dream or part of my subconscious. I like to utilize various materials like fabric and paint in order to communicate with the viewers and present them the world as I see it. The materiality I explore is both soft and solid and suggests a safe and secure place for childlike wonderment. I strive to re-activate the viewer's childhood memories and childlike wonderment.

I am dedicated to create a dream environment by approaching both sound and space and allowing the viewer to experience them in a sensorial way. Most of my works are inspired by the nature, such as insects, plants, vibrant colors and patterns. It is also connected to my childhood memories and grew up in the countryside, while I spent all of my times with my grandparents in their garden. I like to use playful and childlike ways to communicate with serious and adult subjects. Thus, I am very interested in the contradictions between childlike qualities and the darkness behind it. In this case, it allows my works to not only remain the quality of playfulness, but also unpack another serious issue.

All images and text copyright James Hsieh