Jenna Mayette
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
42nd Street - Studio# 2

Phone: 5185938111



Artist Bio:
Born in Plattsburgh, NY and raised in a small town called Peru, NY. Peru is in the Adirondack Mountain region nestled in the foothills just north of the mountains. This location became a major influence on my work. I went to SUNY Plattsburgh as an art student with a focus in drawing and painting. With an art therapy minor I strove to use art as a means of healing. My passion for creating exceeded my goal of becoming an art therapist. I continued my education at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. This is where I truly found myself as an artist. I was studying art education, but my painting professors instilled in me a whole new work ethic when in came to my painting. I finally felt control over my creative process. After three years in Albany, learning and experimenting with my painting practice I decided it was time for something bigger. I took a job as an art teacher in the Bronx and moved to New York City. This job was to help me get on my feet in a place with a larger art community and much more possibility. I continue to create as well as exert my passion onto our youth.

Artist Statement:
The physicality of paint is what drives me to paint the way I do. I am heavily influenced by the impressionist movement. I use life as nothing more than a reference. I use the information in front of me as a means to exaggerate and encourage the viewer to build relationships with the paint and what is being depicted. I want to take the physical world somewhere further by stoking the colors and forms that are already there.

All images and text copyright Jenna Mayette