Susana Villa
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 209
43-01 22nd Street



Artist Bio:
Susana Villa was born in Madrid, where she studied at the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property College, specializing in Painting. She completed an artist Certificated in Fine Arts at the New York Academy of Art. Her paintings have been exhibited in Europe, USA and Japan. Susana is currently living and continuing to develop her art career in New York.

Artist Statement:
The whole of my production - consisting of paintings in oil and beeswax on canvas - is the result of my reflections on the concept of "Resilience".
In the scheme of the human being, there are three main elements: the brain, the heart, and the sex. In its central position, the heart encompasses thought and desire. It symbolizes the center of life; our interior and spiritual life. In my paintings, the heart also takes an iconic center stage.

Through the search for means of expression, as well as exercising symbolism and abstraction, I found in oil and beeswax a medium that allows me to create an organic work of different textures and shades. Working with palette knifes and brushes, as well as transferring color onto the surface of the canvas, the different layers of paint and created accidents which are selected to remain or be removed from the paining at my will.

When being worked out, stiff and cold wax becomes soft, ductile and docile. However, mixed with the powerful oil color and applied to the canvas, it becomes firm, consistent and strong. In my work, I want to create an analogy between the behaviour of the material that I use and human's resilience in a situation of crisis.

The materials I use and the conception of the heart's image are an expression of an inner world, which I intend to express a way of seeing life and a way to look inside ourselves.

All images and text copyright Susana Villa