Dongze Huo
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
88-15 53rd Ave, Queens, NY11373 - Studio# FL1



Artist Bio:
Born and raised in Xi'an, China, Dongze Huo draws on a rich heritage of traditional Chinese arts. The son of an art businessman, Huo went on to study at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, where earned his BFA in Painting in 2008 in China. Later he came to San Francisco and earned his MFA at Academy of Art University in 2014. Huo has participated in numerous exhibitions around the United States. Huo was encouraged to experiment with new media and themes. Now, Huo is an Associate Member at Phoenix Gallery, a prestigious artist cooperative turned community-oriented arts center, where he recently participated in a member group.

Artist Statement:
My work are composed of dyes and mixed media, and laden with abstract elements that are rooted in Chinese philosophy. I explores uncertainty and chance, In my process, I let my mediums "take their own course", abandoning all control, the wisdom of allowing things to happen, which is a belief found in Taoist philosophy. My work is full of optimism. Life and color dance on my canvas. My brush strokes are not confined by the rigid discipline of traditions. It is spontaneous continuous movement; abandoned restrictions for serendipity.

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