Micheline Gil
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
31-11 78st east Elmhurst 11370 New York - Studio# 22

Phone: 347-6179893

Email: artistmichelinegil@gmail.com

Website:: http://michelineart.bigcartel.com/

Artist Bio:
I was born in Recife-Pe Brazil. I had a beautiful childhood , my mother was a very creative woman i guess i get this from her . I was never a girl of to many friends but i did had some good ones , some of them i still have contact till this day and is been more then 20 years that i leave in here in New York city . In the bigning was very hard to get use to this country because everything was very different from where i came from . But i have to say that i was very blessed in the United Estate . This country was a school for me , i learn so many things and i met wonderful people who help me grow to who i am today and for that i'm forever tankful. I am a married woman and i Have a son name kevin , i love my family they truly are a present from God to me . My husband has a lot of things to do with my creative side .He's a artist as well and he is so very supportive with everything i do and i love him for that . I love to do anything that i can use my hands , i became passionate for all the diffrent ways of art . It's funny because it took me years to realize that i am a artist. Finally i feel good about myself , i have no long the need to explain why i am different . I dont think like everyone and i don't dress like everyone , i am a unique person in my own world and i am happy with that . I am a self-taught artist, it's many Artist that i admire some of then is Pablo Picasso , Salvador Dali i also love Basquiat for his freedom on the canvas . I don't fallow trends and i dont care if everyone is doing the same thing , i am my own person i paint and create what makes me happy . Every day i discover something new about myself , something that i did not know before and this makes me very curious to discover more . Making art for me is something that i truly love it every day more and more . Art for me is like a playground when i am painting i become a child without parents , no rules no limitations , no one can stop me and i refuse to grow up . I am not here to compete i am who i am and i don't have the need to prove anything to anyone at least not anymore .I get inspire with everything around me specially people and photograph , i consider myself a visual Artist (abstract expressionist ) For me is important to keep my passion alive i want to stop wining and create . There's this notion in our culture and others having to have a artistic license to do something inventive or imaginative with your art , which represents one of the biggest (and dumbest) obstacles to adventurous creativity i know . So i always try to remember when i feel squeamish about trying something new in art , i remember there are no actual obstacle preventing me from fully expressing myself . Except that ones on my head that i am learning how to defeat.

Micheline Gil.

Artist Statement:
The truth is where art comes from is a mystery, it has the quality of a gift, the source from were it comes is hidden from us .

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