Sean-Paul Pluguez
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 235
43-01 22nd Street

Artist Bio:
C/V upon request
Photos available of the Genetically Modified Forest installation.

Artist Statement:
During the open studio period, a new series will be shown from an extension of a much larger installation and part of a bigger series called AU79. Prior to the new work, the installation called;

"The Genetically Modified Forest", speaks of man's limited abilities to deal with his own planet. We fall short of success and perfection and always are left with the refuse of our actions. Nature itself is our harshest critic.

This forest consists of 156 elements: (6) 5' x 5' x 15" baltic birch bases plus (150) 8' wooden grape stakes and lumber pieces covered in 24kt gold leaf.

Gold is used not as a form of ornamentation or a monetary system, but to create a highly visual interactive and intimate experience for the viewer by dramatically communicating the infinite complexity of a variety of surfaces from the ability of the gold's phenomenal demonstration of pilfering ambient light, harsh light, shadows, and depth.

The only value the Genetically Modified Forest contains, as a narrative is the dependance within a civilization or society to produce a product that meets the demands of a growing population acknowledging that its "worth its weight in gold." This also works as a slight parody off the "Genetically Modified Organism" or GMO. Although the GMF will not be presented during this time, the new works that will be featured connects the forest closer to the original source from where it was created.

All images and text copyright Sean-Paul Pluguez