Jeanette Cole
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
LIC Art Center - Studio# 310
44-02 23rd Street


Artist Bio:

Artist Statement:
Jeanette Cole???Artist Statement

My work strives to retrieve and reconnect fragments of a disjointed past, between two cultures. I search my restless wandering consciousness for the shape of places in between, to find breath and life that sustains our existence and pays homage to where we have been.

For me, painting, and abstraction in particular has always been a way to bypass the limitations of language and an attempt to bridge the gap between cultures. The Liberia I grew up in was founded and built by returned slaves and the America to which I moved, was shaped by a history of slavery. Image making has a capacity to contain and express complex, multi component ideas and my work has absorbed a range of thematic explorations within this core. The result of my creative and research focus within this context has led to a deeper understanding of the connections between abstraction, representation, oppression and innovation.

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