Peter Goldwater
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
Brickhouse Ceramic Center - Studio# 1st Floor
10-34 44t Drive

Phone: 917-693-6846



Artist Bio:
I am a long time Chelsea resident with my studio in Long Island City. I have a MFA from Pratt Institute and am an instructor of ceramics at Brickhouse Ceramic Arts Center. I show locally and submit regularly to ceramic competitions. I am trained as a potter, but consider myself a sculptor.

Artist Statement:
Artist Statement
My work consists of altered wheel thrown forms which after glazing are then epoxied to black
iron nipples. I then connect the forms to each other with black iron fittings. I am concerned with
movement, balance, flow, tension. The hardness of iron with the softness of clay, the cold of
metal and the warmth of ceramics are important elements of my work. What appears to be
strong is in fact quite fragile. One can see elements of the human body or birds in flight. There
is a transformer quality to the work that can elicit discussion. That is always welcome

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