Cindy Leung
Medium: Ceramic

Studio Location:
Brickhouse Ceramic Center - Studio# N/A
10-34 44t Drive



Artist Bio:
Cindy Leung generates figurative narratives that explore the effect of colonialism and immigration on identity and the impact of race and cultural displacement on the individual in reference to Hong Kong's history.

Aware of the contrast between Chinese and Western cultures, Leung juxtaposes Asian and European facial features, attire and skin tones, to show the inevitable British influences on Hong Kong's Chinese society. Her goal is to provide subtle emotional cues, a feeling of uncertainty, which comes from the unsettlement in her life, and to show the evolution of and her search for her identity.

Leung received her BFA from Queens College in 2015. She was awarded for the Summer Studio Assistantship at Peters Valley School of Craft. Currently, she continuous her practice at BrickHouse Ceramic Art Center and will pursue her MFA in 2018. For more, please go to

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