Indrajeet Chandrachud
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
47-39 40 St, #5C, Sunnyside, NY 11104 - Studio# 5C

Phone: 9172832882


Artist Bio:
Indrajeet Chandrachud is a New York City artist or Indian origin. He was born in Pune India.

Indy's paintings are based on imagined architecture, places and situations. His paintings are not mere stylistic renditions of reality, but a transformation of the subject into minimalist objective artwork. His main concern is with the form and brightly-colored spaces within the canvas. His architectural paintings are certainly inhabited, but he depicts them without any human presence. It feels like the viewer is looking at a coincidental, empty moment where the buildings and structures have taken centre stage. Indy, gives life to the structures itself.

Working from his Queens-based studio, he renders the objects unique to each location in his minimal style, converting them into a different reality altogether. The work featured is a slight delineation from his usual work, experimenting with deconstruction and life situations and the rare depiction of the human form.

Artist Statement:
I paint because it makes me happy

All images and text copyright Indrajeet Chandrachud