Hilma Krla
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
47-34 Vernon Blvd Long Island City - Studio# Arikali St

Phone: (646) 801-1330

Email: hilmakrla@gmail.com

Website:: WWW.HilmaKrla.com

Artist Bio:
Hilma Krla is a mixed-media social practice artist, advocate, and mother. She has experimented with various media such as photography, illustration, water colors, acrylic and oil painting, but works predominantly with repurposed materials, paper collage, and clay. Krla is a great admirer of outdoor activity and enjoy the serenity of spending time in nature. Her Drawings, sculptures and graphics illustration are inspired from surrounding and everyday life walks. Krla is attracted to simple but chaotic compositions with bold textures and enjoy working without the confines of traditional "taught" behavior. Her work has evolved from personal experience. Krla is interested in the relationship between negative and positive space and the line that separates the two. Krla's art touches on the themes of psychological aspects, the aspects of our humanity, including the ambiguity and uncertainty that effects one as an individual and an endless frolic betweens meaning and meaninglessness. Her goals are to engage in social responsibility and find creative way art can be utilized to create public awareness.

Artist Statement:
Krla's current body of work is entitled "The Entrapment Of The Mind". It deals with the problems of stereotypes an individual suffers within society. Krla chose mental health as the subject of her project to allow her to voice a concern about patronizing attitudes from family, friends and colleagues. Through her work, Krla depicts a metaphorical boundary of being mentally trapped within oneself, with each other, and with surroundings caused by social stigmas. Krla intends to weave her finding into a contemporary investigation and depiction of the human struggles to care, be caring and maintain a sense of self within societal norms. The focus of her project is to directly open a dialogue on the consequences of subjective feeling of stigma in individual lives. Her work is part of any anti-stigma campaign intended to bring attention to the problems with the mental health services available to those who need it.

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