Annalisa Iadicicco
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
please check website/ facebook for address - Studio# BlueBus



Artist Bio:
Im a mixed media artist, lauded for breathing new life into re-purposed materials with an ability to transmute reclaimed objects - such as corrugated metal, wood, rusty nails and car bumpers- into enchanting yet powerful forms of artistic expression. My work range from building frames for my photographs, that creates a context and emotional environment for my images, to designing life size installations that give voice to social injustice and environmental problems as a means to explore overlooked issues and encourage conversation and social change.

Im the founder and creative director of The Blue Bus Project, a cultural vehicle that shatters the confines of the insular art world by taking artistic expression onto the road, promoting dialogue for economic, social, artistic and political change by way of performance and visual arts.

All images and text copyright Annalisa Iadicicco