Susan Barron
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 203
43-01 22nd Street

Phone: 917-692-4153



Artist Bio:
Susan J. Barron is an exceptionally diverse, multi-award winning artist whose work has been collected and commissioned across the country. Whether working with oil on canvas or incorporating sculpture and collage elements, her work bravely and beautifully challenges our preconceptions.

She has had solo shows throughout the United States, including New York City's Caelum Gallery, the Kevin Butler Gallery in Massachusetts, the First Frontier Collage Society in Texas, and the Lark Creek Gallery in California. Fox 5 News, New York One, The New York Daily News, and Metro all featured her celebrated series, "The Redefinition of the Feminine Ideal". Ms. Barron studied fine arts at Boston University, the Art Institute of San Francisco, College of Marin, and Yale University.

???She also studied advertising at the School of Visual Arts and has enjoyed a highly successful career as an art director, garnering a Clio Award: the advertising world's highest honor.

???Ms. Barron is currently hard at work on new projects, and divides her time between New York and Arizona.

Artist Statement:
The Redefinition of the Feminine Ideal

It is the intersection of plastic arts and plastic surgery. A kind of crossroads of the female body where Titian stops and technology takes over. The classical images of female beauty as defined for centuries by masters from Leonardo to Ingres, give way to a redefinition of the feminine ideal, as defined by TV, magazines and the medical profession of Los Angeles.

The confrontation is brutal in concept but sensual in execution. Lush classical oil-on-canvas techniques merge with the nomenclature of medical technology, as the muses of the great masters are marked for surgery. Like topographical maps, the calligraphy of surgical markings hover as a secondary visual language, a transparent layering of redefinition though which the original definition is still read.

These paintings are vivid roadmaps to a new feminine beauty, produced at will, at the behest of a knife, as graduation presents for seventeen year old girls, a notion of beauty that differs regionally --the west coast surgeon???s ideal is different from New York???s -- yet the result is an obsession of conformity. While the pursuit of medical detail is relentless and chilling in these paintings, these works retain a classical beauty and sensuality, while enduring a biting social recontextualization of form.

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