Esther Rosa
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 603
43-01 22nd Street



Artist Bio:
Esther Rosa was born in Madrid, Spain.

She is psychologist specialized in Human Resources working in the Media sector for almost 15 years.

Esther discovered her passion for fine arts when she and her family moved to New York in 2006. She started her studies in Fine Arts at the National Academy School of Fine Arts in Manhattan, NY. Once there, she discovered an ability and passion she didn't know she had.

She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in solo, group exhibitions and Art Fairs. Art on Paper Art Fair, NY: Affordable Art Fair, NY; Aqua Art Fair, Art Basel week, Miami, Florida; Sohotel Artspace Gallery, NY; Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, NY; National Academy Museum, NY; Kreisler Gallery, Madrid, Spain among others.

She lives and works in New York.

Artist Statement:
As a Psychologist and as a person I believe one of the biggest issues we have to deal with in our daily life is to try to balance our wellbeing and mental health. To keep our inner balance under adversity.

How to find that natural force that is resilience and that moves most people to overcome the misfortunes. In the face of adversities that test our physical and emotional balance, which threaten the survival itself, we need mechanisms to resist. Emotional connections, mental faculties, self-esteem, positive thinking, the reasons for living and the inclination to locate the control center within oneself are the factors that allow us to recover from the blows and even come out strengthened.

With the aim of being the best prepared possible when facing the difficulties that inevitably gives us life, we need to learn how to find happiness in our life, we need to learn how to keep a positive thinking, accepting the ebb and flow of life, embracing our imperfections as part of our singularity.

My work talks about all of this and it is a way for me to express that we can archive happiness with positive thinking and if we understand that life is imperfect and it is in permanent transformation, that it is precisely what makes it so special.

All images and text copyright Esther Rosa