Esther Rosa
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 603
43-01 22nd Street



Artist Bio:
Esther Rosa was born in Madrid, Spain.

She is psychologist specialized in Human Resources working in the Media sector for almost 15 years. She is also transition Coach.

Esther discovered her passion for fine arts when she and her family moved to New York in 2006. She started her studies in Fine Arts at the National Academy School of Fine Arts in Manhattan, NY. Once there, she discovered an ability and passion she didn't know she had.

She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in solo, group exhibitions and Art Fairs. Art on Paper Art Fair, NY: Affordable Art Fair, NY; Paris Expo Art3f, Paris, France; Aqua Art Fair, Art Basel week, Miami, Florida; Sohotel Artspace Gallery, NY; Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, NY; National Academy Museum, NY; Kreisler Gallery, Madrid, Spain among others.

She lives and works in New York.

Artist Statement:
As a psychologist, transition coach and as a person I believe that one of the biggest difficulties we face daily is to achieve that feeling of wellbeing, that personal state in which you feel that your life has. balance, purpose, direction, growth, insight and where you feel comfortable under your own skin.

Benjamin Franklin said "There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self" and he was right.

We live in the era of "self-expression" and in a society that values???uniqueness, personal identity. To define oneself we should not follow the trends, or look to others, one needs to stop and look for inner answers, stop and ask yourself what is your voice, your qualities, your motivations, your values, your dreams and this task could be mammoth, the speed of life, the load of information, the demanding life is so intense that does not leave us time to breathe.

We must not only look for personal development, but also to be able to maintain our inner balance under adversity. We live in a time where changes are rapid, unexpected, and therefore often difficult to control. How to find that natural strength, the resilience that helps us overcome difficulties.

To face adversity, which tests our physical and emotional balance, which threatens survival itself, we need mechanisms to resist. How we feel, how we interpret our reality, how we respond, influence our self-esteem and our sense of happiness. To place the control center within oneself is key. These are the factors that allow us to recover from the adversity, our failures and even emerge strengthened from them.

In order to be as prepared as possible in the face of the difficulties that life inevitably brings us and to feel fulfill, we need to learn mechanisms that help us to feel happy, we need to learn to see the positive side of life, to accept the ebb and flow, embracing its imperfections as part of its uniqueness.

My work aims to raise awareness of the importance of self discovery, in the search for your identity by embracing imperfections to grow, understanding that life itself is imperfect and is constantly changing, this is precisely what makes it so special.

All images and text copyright Esther Rosa