Sara Petitt
Medium: Photography

Studio Location:
Studio 34 - Studio# 440
34-01 38th Avenue

Phone: 917-862-6779


Artist Bio:
Sara Petitt travels a great deal and gets much of her inspiration on trips. She also uses photo collage as a medium. She is a member of the Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea and her work can be seen on Instagram and the website.Her work has been in both curated and juried shows and in museums.

Artist Statement:
Right now I am working on a new series using photo collage. Some of my past work has dealt with social issues in collages. This new work incorporates a fascination with antique photos and incorporates my background as a textile designer. I also have photo series that have been inspired by trips.I welcome visitors to my studio and can be reached at

All images and text copyright Sara Petitt