Lucia Popian
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
43-01 21st St - Studio# 232B
43-01 21st St additional entrance 43-02 22nd St

Phone: 6466300601


Artist Bio:
Lucia Popian is a specialist in Mural painting methodology, Mixed media painting, Graphic techniques, Glazed Ceramic painting, and Mosaics. Lucia is also a Professional Conservator-Restorer in the field of Mural Painting and Architectural Heritage. In her career of more than 30 years Lucia accumulated enormous experience in all fields of Visual Arts.
The dedication towards a continuous research enhanced her professional power and ability to
approach works in any media, style and size. Lucia excels in Traditional Mural Arts in the methodology of fresco, al-secco, sgraffito, also many modern materials techniques and materials. The creation process is seen not only as an amazing resource of representation of human spirituality but seen from inside-out as a scientific methodology and discipline.
On her canvases and graphic work Lucia have a predilection towards the contrast of texture, smooth to
rugose as an imprint of time erosion over spiritual substrates. Roots of enigmatic cultures with semantic significance are coming to light or subside simultaneously with the power of geological sediments as well with the refinement of sublime poetic ideas.

Lucia Popian is a highly conceptual artist which conceals in her work perennial human messages and values. It is an art of profound meditation with a cathartic and spiritually healing effect.
The ???Spiritual Matter????? relies on the intricate demiurgic process of creation where Lucia chooses to use earth???s colors emphasizing a gravitational intensity and texture such as in her archaeological ???Portal- Cycle?????. Etheric semi- transparent and fragile textures of the ritual head???s covers like The?????Marama-Cycle????? counterbalance her vision in search for that humankind condition and multiple-valence. Lucia???s art deserves a careful investigation and observation in order to enable the understanding and introversion of all her ideas??? significance.

All images and text copyright Lucia Popian