Suzanne Pemberton
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 309
43-01 22nd Street

Phone: 917-734-6555



Artist Bio:
Suzanne Pemberton is an artist based in New York City. After a career in costume design for film and television, she decided to pursue fine arts. She has studied the Art Students' League, the National Academy School of Fine Arts and the Art Barge. Her work has been exhibited the National Academy of Fine Arts, the Atlantic Gallery and PS1 in New York, at Guild Hall in East Hampton and the Arthouse Gallery in Nevis, BWI.

Artist Statement:
I like the experimental process and challenge of painting and working in different mediums. My WATERLINES series was inspired by the rising sea levels induced by climate change. I worked to create the feeling of water, coastlines and sky using many layers of acrylic paint. My WATERFORCE series includes the use of acrylic inks in a gestural application to express the energy of the sea. The sea, which I find both beautiful and terrifying, is a constant source of inspiration to me. I am trying to capture the essence of energy in my paintings.

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