Michelle Kaufman
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Studio 34 - Studio# 409A
34-01 38th Avenue

Phone: 9179748892

Email: mkdragon@me.com

Website:: michellekaufman.net

Artist Bio:
I succeeded at business
during the twenty years I worked at it.
but 9/11 was a standout day for me:
I was on the plane
one hour before
the one that went down in Pittsburgh.

Five years later
I decided
It was now or never
why wait?

be the artist I am
because I had something I needed to say.

trying to use my tools:
a curiosity to analyze
disparate sources of information
to give something new
to look at
or think about.

not holding myself back
I use

quick and dirty
or slow.

All images and text copyright Michelle Kaufman