Sandra Vucicevic
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Studio 34 - Studio# 409
34-01 38th Avenue

Phone: 718 725 8090



Artist Bio:
Sandra Vucicevic is a Queens based multidisciplinary artist. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia. From 2005 she lives and works in New York. Sandra holds a B.A. in Studio Art (Painting) from Hunter College, and a law degree from University of Belgrade, Serbia. Vucicevics art can be found in public and private art collections both in the United States and abroad, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions. Although primarily a painter, Sandra often explores other media and fields. Her early poetry and drawings were published in The Gate (Kapija), in 1995. Vucicevics work also includes conceptual projects in the field of Relational Art which embraces audience participation. In 2013, she was awarded a Queens Art Council grant for her performance "BRUSH-VOTES - CREATING THE CREATOR", in which she invited random passers-by to create a group of collective paintings. In 2015, her work was chosen to represent Serbia at the World Expo in Milan, Italy. For Expo, which was dedicated to world hunger and food, she created series "You Are What You Eat" with aim to raise awareness of the true content and quality of factory produced food. Most recently, Sandra has been featured in the article Women in Art in LIC's Boro Magazine. In addition, the interview about her is part of the show dedicated to Queens culture which will air on the Queens Public Television at a later date.

Artist Statement:
My art explores complex and ambiguous space between reality and dreams. I paint the world of contrasts, transitions, and obscurities - a hybrid reality in which the Known and the Unknown overlap and merge. In my work this is represented by combining opposing elements: abstract and figurative visual languages, complementary colors, and different media and techniques.

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