Clare Stokolosa
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
1010 44 Avenue - Studio# 411

Phone: 5165324624



Artist Bio:
Please see my website for my CV

Artist Statement:
My selections of: location, scene, light, hour, color palette, brush, and even paper have resulted in a portfolio of paintings that reflect my life as an artist. I bring a discerning artist's eye that I developed in the urban landscape of my hometown, New York City.
I???m currently working on a project that involves how we perceive what we see both inwardly and outwardly, based on my observational drawings. The process involves the techniques of sketching, printing and painting. I transforming my sketches onto large-scale paper, and then painting them in watercolor. This process allows me to maintain the quality and integrity of the line and spontaneity of the original sketch. The mixed-media project is from my subway-commute series, NYC Faces.

All images and text copyright Clare Stokolosa