Alexander Puz
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
23-07 38th Ave. - Studio# 221



Artist Bio:
Born Midland, MI. 1989
BFA Hunter College, 2014.

Artist Statement:
My practice begins with the idea that specific applications of form, color, texture and gradient determine a works meaning. By selectively placing these elements on the canvas, the compositions take on an impersonal but undeniable psychological weight. As a rationalist, I see painting as a unique means of enacting logic unaffected by subjectivity or identity- the break from the modernist emphasis of the individual genius. I maintain a process based approach- painted forms become measured, behavioral elements, conditioning and conditioned by the final composition. By transforming and observing a set of elements, their specific tendencies on the canvas become clear. It is this careful approach that produces a painterly cypher for examining perception. This conceptual foundation for my work allows a step by step diagnosis and reconstruction of the bias inherent in traditional subject matter and common painterly moves.

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