Jean-Marie Guyaux
Medium: Photography

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 438+334
43-01 22nd Street



Artist Bio:
I am a Belgian photographer living in New York City, USA.
For over thirty years I have been shooting editorial and advertising work that runs the gamut of still life, fashion and celebrity photography.
For the past seven years I have explored various forms of photographic arts at times relating to my physical environment and at other times exploring the virtual world.
My work has been exhibited in galleries spanning the east and west coasts of the US as well as in the cities of Bologna and Barcelona.
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Artist Statement:
As a visual artist living in the digital age I am fascinate by the domain of New Media Art where the few thousand pixels image of the original maker are subverted to such transformation that its original content or genre will only be serving as a construct to a new physicality.
My series of iconic imagery originates in the raw data of a picture that is manipulated and distorted via non-photographic software so as to reappear as a new layer of pixels and create an abstraction leading to the re-interpretation of the visual imprinted in one's memory.
By confronting the present, exploration of past and future are left to the imagination.

All images and text copyright Jean-Marie Guyaux